Custom Work

I am happy to do custom work to suit your needs!

Do you see something you like but it's the wrong size or shape? Did you miss buying a painting that was sold? Or maybe you have a scene or image you would like me to paint for you in my style? I can work with your favorite colours and features!

Let's discuss by email or just send me a message here.

I will give you a quote of the cost and timing. A 25% deposit is required for custom work.

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  • CBC

    "Speaking of beautiful and important work, I found myself absolutely thrilled to find Martha Williams. Williams is a Kingston, Ont.-based artist who creates beautiful, brightly coloured pieces. She is an oarswoman and a lot of her work is rooted in sport."

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  • USRowing

    "This holiday season, USRowing is supporting three Black-owned businesses that each align with our desire to "open the boathouse doors." Whether encouraging a love of the outdoors, a desire to express diversity and inclusion through their art, or building a successful brand based on a willingness to tackle adversity, we admire their drive and ambition. "

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Martha Willimas

Martha Williams

Artist | MWCreative2022

I rowed in the early 1980s as a competitive HS rower both in a 4 and 8. Throughout my rowing years, I was always the only black person, and often the only person of color. I remember going to regattas and never seeing another person that looked like me.

I realized that there are so many activities where people of colour are not expected. My intent with most of my art is to create space for everyone who identifies as black girls, and women.

I hope my art brings joy to those who see it, especially to those who have traditionally been invisible.

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