• Blossoming Trees

    Trees like flowers, blooming in the spring.

  • Sing Sister Sing

    Black women singing.

  • Ballerinas

    Happy young ballerinas in pink tutus

  • All By Myself

    One of the most beautiful things to do is to row in a single, all alone with nothing but water and sky. The peace you can experience being out there all alone is priceless.

  • Boat House Row in Philadelphia

    Famous boat house row in Philadelphia.

  • Going Places

  • Head of Charles

    One of the biggest rowing regattas in the world, with Cambridge/Harvard in the distance.

    Available as a print 
  • Infinity

    Looking up to the sky on a clear night, there is no end to the stars and planets.

  • Morning Light

    It's all the colours you see waking to morning sunlight.

  • Mostly Water

    Mostly water showcases the water with earth, trees and sky.

  • Sisters Cycling Blue Mystic

    Sisters riding as a team

  • An assembly of Umbrellas

    Umbrellas in a row with an aerial view.

  • Pink Sky

    Beautiful pink and yellow sky that hide the trees.

  • Practice at the Studio

  • Queen

    She knows her worth, she's a queen.

  • Rainbow Forest

    A colourful forest to explore!

  • Sisters Ride Too

    Sisters riding the trail in their joy.

  • Cycling with no hands

    On the K&P trail outside of Kingston, Ontario. Riding with no hands on the smooth part of the trail.

  • Rowing a Double

    At the finish of the stroke, two rowers in unison on a beautiful body of water.

  • Sister Love

    Sister Series - Sister Love

  • Sister Sings 2

  • Sister Speaks

    Black woman with an afro and beautiful blue dress with gold buttons, sharing her wisdom with an attentive audience.

  • Sisters Meditating

  • Sisters Running

    Sisters running together.

  • Sisters Praying

    Three women in silent prayer together.

  • Sky Watchers

  • My Tree of Life

    Lots of colours and layers make this piece truly one of a kind.

  • We Row Too

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